Affordable Psychotherapy

Access to mental health care is not a privilege; it is a right.

The cost of mental health care in Canada is exorbitant, with the Moulding and colleagues stating that, “Canadians spend almost a billion dollars ($950 million) on counselling services each year—30 per cent of it out of pocket” (as cited in CMHA, 2018). There are lengthy wait times, chronic underfunding of community-based mental health services and a reliance on intensive, high-cost services like psychiatrists and hospitals. In many cases, primary care physicians may provide patients with supportive counselling and provide patients referrals to private practitioners. Unfortunately, many who are uninsured also discover they cannot afford long-term therapy that costs at least $80 an hour, and which can run as much as $250 an hour or more (CMHA, 2018). Ideally, the solution comes with publicly funded evidence-based therapies and practitioners being introduced to the health care sector. Integrating mental health care and promotion into our primary care model would see the reduction of the severity of mental health issues and increased mental wellness.  

My dedication to providing clients affordable psychotherapy comes from my social justice background. Particularly my experiences working with marginalized refugee populations has provided me with the drive and desire to recognize individual strengths, opportunities for post-traumatic growth and seek social justice action. I recognize that many individuals may face systemic socioeconomic barriers to care and will seek to find opportunities to improve access to care for these marginalized populations. I seek to provide my clients with compassionate care enthusiastic about helping people achieve post-traumatic growth.

I am thrilled to have partnered with a collective of therapists that is trying to create greater access to affordable mental health care. Meaning that if you cannot afford current market rates for therapy or if you lack adequate health insurance coverage, Open Path is here for you. You are required to register and pay a one-time fee of $59 to become an Open Path Member. This one-time fee is used to sustain Open Path’s small support staff, maintain their website, pursue grants and other avenues of funding, and recruit new therapists nationwide. Your lifetime membership will allow you to work with an Open Path therapist for $30–$60/session as long as there is a financial need.

Being a part of the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective I have made the space within my private practice to take on three clients within my private practice at an extremely reduced rate. You can read more about Open Path here. Reach out today to get the compassionate care you deserve to reach your goals and personal growth! Book your free initial consultation with me here.

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