Boundaries and Self-Care

As we enter into the first week of September, and the summer comes to a close, the importance of self-care and having appropriate boundaries around our time becomes more important than ever. The creation and maintenance of boundaries for taking care of the self as well as the incorporation of healthy activities is an important part of wellness. It involves how one treats themselves in an individualistic manner to promote psychological and physical well-being. Self-care is not necessarily about the exercises or activities engaged in but rather it is a non-optional required life skill (Gilman, 2014).

Photo Credit: Markus Spiske

Sometimes we may find that despite the success of all the activities we’ve engaged in for self-care we may still feel overwhelmed with taking on too much. This is where the need for increased boundary setting comes in. Time management may become key – working on being truthful about what is possible in terms of which activities, jobs, extracurriculars, family and friends need to be prioritized, re-evaluated and potentially reduced. We are in need of continued reworking of our boundaries to develop practices of self-reflection and self-awareness.

I’ve experienced on numerous occasions the feelings of my self-care sliding and one of my biggest challenges has been to realize that time to do those things that replenish my reserves matters as much as trying to please everyone around me. That is convincing myself that my own time matters as much as others time. I have recognized the need for boundaries and prioritizing taking the time to be more self-compassionate and supportive of myself. I know that boundaries need to be created and maintained and that it is the work of a lifetime.

unsplash-logoDanielle MacInnes

In working at improving a self-care regimen, it is important to recognize your own tendencies to take on too much work and push too hard at the work. To achieve the much sought after work/life balance we must be diligent in our efforts to create and maintain boundaries in both our professional and personal lives (Gilman, 2014). The successful implementation and maintenance of a self-care plan will require good, strong boundaries that protect time for self-care and, likewise, a strong routine of self-care will help to support strong boundaries. If you want help in developing your own boundaries and self-care regimen, feel free to reach out.


Gilman, S. (2014). Transform your boundaries. United States: Island Bound Publishing.

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