The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

-Lao Tzu

Hi, I’m Spencer Nageleisen (he/him)! When I’m not in the therapy room, you’ll find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen, spending time with my partner, out on a walk listening to a podcast, watching TV or reading.

I have long been fascinated by human behaviour and since walking into my introduction to psychology class, in high school, I was hooked. I attended the University of Ottawa, receiving my Honours Bachelor of Science with specialization in psychology.

In my early twenties, I realized I was unhappy in life – put simply I was stuck and in need of clarity on what it meant to live my truth. I sought the help of a therapist and through extensive work was able to break free from the “stuckness” and finally begin living my truth. I went back to school to complete my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and I am now a registered psychotherapist working with youth and adults on a variety of issues.

Through my own personal and professional experiences with therapy, I have seen the potential that having an empathetic listener and ally has on relieving suffering. My practice is always grounded in anti-oppression, is queer affirming, and welcomes everyone. Allow me to accompany you with empathy and compassion as you overcome the “stuckness” in your life. I want to help you to achieve fullness of life, purpose and meaning. Together we can explore what it means for you to begin to live your truth, whatever that may entail.